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Adolph Hitler’s speech to Wehrmacht Commanders at his Obersalzberg home on 22 August 1939:

“It was clear to me that a conflict with Poland had to come sooner or later. I had already made this decision in spring, but I thought I would turn on the west for a few years, and only afterwards to the east. I wanted to establish an acceptable relationship with Poland in order to first fight against the west, but this plan, which was agreeable to me, could not be executed.

It became clear to me that Poland would attack us in case of a conflict with the west. Poland wants access to the Baltic Sea. We have nothing to lose; we can only gain. Our economic situation is such that, because of our restrictions, that we cannot hold out more than a few years. Göering can confirm this. We have no other choice, we must act. Our opponents risk much and can gain only little. England’s stake in the war is unimaginably great. Our enemies have men who are below average. No personalities. No masters. No men of action.”

Future Release: Revenge Cleansing in Eastern Europe 1945-1950, Pen & Sword Books

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