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It’s been a little while since last my last post, mainly because of the last minute re-writes, editing, and photo captioning stages of my latest book Birmingham Airport Through Time, which was released by Amberley Publishing on 15 June, and also because my ‘to-do’ list at home had stretched to a second sheet of paper. This has had the effect of putting me back on to the graveyard shift for researching and writing for the up and coming  projects. I usually try, despite perhaps being ‘on a flow with work’ or taking a break playing Scrabble online, to shut down the pc by 01.00 because our eldest cat (he is nearly 20 years old, mostly deaf and doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer) is in the habit of walking backwards and forwards over my head any time between 03.15 and 03.45 to wake me up for fusses and tummy time.

Stumbling around with half-closed eyes to carry out his requests usually wakes the other cats (we have five – all rescues) and it’s not often much before 05.00 that I can fire up the pc again to send and reply to emails before a pre-breakfast stab at the current project for an hour or so. Most of the cylinders are not firing at that time of day so it’s mostly re-reading the last piece of work done, although I spend a fair amount of time in Photoshop to repair or enhance photographs for future projects.

Pitches and enquiries have been put in for work contracts for 2018 – and there is quite a bit out there to be had in the Local and Military History line! Drop me a message if you want a link to a couple of those.



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