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‘Dare Devil Ken’ Malin was only two years old when he first drove his car (which was originally painted red and gold) around the Coventry Bees Motorcycle Speedway Team circuit at Brandon on 7 August 1933, and from that night on, he became the Brandon Mascot, entertaining fans in the tiny petrol car at the beginning of races. Ken was presented with Brandon Speedway Supporters Cup by Tommy Farndon in 1936.

The car was built between 1932 and 1933 by Jen’s father James Malin, who fitted it with a two-stroke 250cc (225cc side-valve) Royal Enfield motorcycle engine – which was important in the UK as it was the largest engine which a ‘learner’ could ride without passing a test.

Around 1935, Ken had performed his next stunt, driving around Jack Wall’s ‘Wall of Death’ in Rugby. At the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, the car was put into storage and stayed in store until 1962, when Ken got it going again for his youngest son, David, who was three years old….a bit of repeated history going on.

The car went back into storage in 1964 until 2008, when Ken took it down to Devon to work on it again, and now its permanent home is Coventry Transport Museum.

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